An email alias is an e-mail which uses the exact same mailbox as the initial email. For example, you could have as the authentic email address and create an alias Each of the addresses will be able to share exactly the same mailbox, so emails sent to both of them shall be received in a single place. You can use aliases for various reasons, such as talking with different teams of people or registering on websites. For those who start getting lots of spam, for instance, you can simply get rid of the alias while your original mailbox won't be impacted in the least and you will keep the e-mails you need. Aliases are often considered to be a substitute for forwarding emails from one email address to another one if you use 2 or more addresses for contact on your site.

E-mail Aliases in Website Hosting

It is easy to make lots of email aliases with the website hosting plans that we provide. Adding an alias to any existing email address inside your account takes a couple of mouse clicks and you will also be able to set up or remove aliases at any time. This can be done in the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which is used to control the website hosting accounts. The option can save you time if you have to manage the electronic communication for different departments, each having its very own email address. Once you send a reply to a customer, they'll receive the email coming from the alias, not from the primary address linked to the mailbox. If you have multiple sites and email addresses, it is easy to combine working with aliases along with our email forwarding feature as it might be easier and time-saving to receive all messages in a single place.

E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server package that we provide, will allow you to set up aliases for each active mailbox in the account with only a few mouse clicks. You can create or delete as many aliases as you want whenever you want. In this way, it is possible to have a different email for different parts of the same website or perhaps for completely different web sites under one company and have all of your electronic communication handily in a single place. The aforementioned will also make it simpler for multiple individuals to keep an eye on what is going on. When necessary, you'll be able to use our email forwarding feature too, therefore if an email message is sent to an alias, it can be forwarded to an additional authentic mailbox.